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At Premier Hardwood Floors, dustless wood floor refinishing is our specialty. We are dedicated to providing you with beautiful wood floors to keep you feeling happy at home for years to come. We have a state-of-the-art, commercial wood dust containment system, so there will be absolutely no mess to clean up following completion of our project.

We will apply color samples of your choosing directly on your floor to make your decision as easy and stress free as possible. Our water based finishes are GREENGUARD certified which means there will be NO harmful vapors during the finishing process.


Sand and Refinishing

Sanding down to bare wood and then applying stain and finish.

Stair Tread Refinishing

Sanding each step down to bare wood, and then applying stain and finish.

Screen and Recoat

(Sandless refinishing) If the existing wood floor is not too deeply scratched or discolored, buffing the floor's surface with a screen or ultra fine sandpaper will remove minor scratches. Then, applying a new coat of finish will make the floor appear like new again.

Carpet Removal

We will remove and properly dispose of any existing wall to wall carpeting.



Antique Brown
5 Ebony/1 Royal Mahogany mix
Early American
Golden Oak
Special Walnut
Aged Pewter
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Frequently Asked Questions



Oil based finishes have a rich look to them that really bring out the natural beauty of the wood. These finishes have an 8-12 hour drying time and take 2 weeks to fully cure/harden, but the richness and durability just might be worth the wait. ​

Water based finishes are available in Residential and Commercial grade; they are eco-friendly, and have a low odor so you will not get overwhelmed by harmful vapors while we are completing our project in your home. These finishes are also quick drying so there will never be longer than a 3 hour period of time when the floors cannot be walked on; it also only takes 7 days to fully cure/harden. So if you are on a tight schedule, and need the floors to be refinished and ready to use immediately, or you are sensitive to strong smelling chemicals, water based is the way to go.


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